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Q. Where are the Classes, and Where is the Range? 

A. Classes are held at Renegade Tactical 

1002 N Oak Creek Dr.

Genoa IL 60135.  

Range time is held at a farm in Kirkland approx. 15 minutes of the classroom.  It is out doors so please plan accordingly.


Q. Do I Need Prior Experience with Handguns? 

A. No prior training requirement to take our Concealed Carry Classes. However, we suggest that you have spent time familiarizing yourself with the firearm you will be using for qualification or training.   

Q. How Much Ammo do I Need? 

A. You will need a minimum of 50 rounds for the Basic CCW Class and a minimum of 150 rounds for the Advance CCW Class 

Q.  What if I need to Reschedule or Cancel?

A.  If you need to reschedule you must do so a minimum of 14 business days in advance to avoid any fees. We understand life happens. We will do our best to get you set up in an upcoming class that meets your schedule.

Cancellations received 14 days or more from the start of the class will receive a refund of paid tuition minus fees we incur for payment processing, refunding and administration. This fee will be $25.

Cancellations received 1-13 days prior to the start of the class will forfeit 50% of the tuition.

Students that fail to appear for a class without prior notice forfeit the entire tuition.

Q. What Handgun can I Qualify With? 

A. You may qualify with any concealable handgun of any caliber. We do ask that you refrain from using magnum loads during qualification. 

Q. Will I be Able to Practice Before I Qualify? 

A. We do shoot a 5 round test target prior to qualifying for our Basic CCW class. You will get plenty of practice in our Advance CCW class. 

Q. Do I Need to Bring a Holster? 

A. We provide a SIRT Training Pistol and Comp-Tac Holster for your use during class.  You do NOT need a holster for the live fire qualification in our Basic CCW Class.  The Advance CCW Class will require 150 rounds of ammunition, holster, 3+ magazines, and eye and ear protection. If you are using other than a hip holster you need to contact the instructor prior to taking the class in-case special provisions are needed.

Q. Do I Need my Own Gun? 

A.  For the live fire qualification, most students bring their own firearm and ammunition. If you don't currently own a pistol or don't want to bring theirs, we rent a small caliber pistol and ammunition for a fee of $25.00 

Q. Do I Have to Take Finger Prints to Get My Permit? 

A. Finger prints are not required to get your permit. The time to issue would increase from 90 to 120 days without fingerprints. 

Q. Can I get credit for previous training or out-of-state permits 

A. The ISP has created a list of acceptable prior training. You can review the list here 

The ISP expects that you will provide to Renegade Tactical and the ISP actual training certificates that prove you participated in instructor lead training to comply with the requirements for your non-resident CCW permit. Currently, the following are accepted: 

Training Certificates of Completion 

NRA Basic Pistol 8 hours 

NRA Personal Defense Inside the Home 8 hours 

NRA Personal Defense Outside the Home 8 hours 

Illinois Hunter Safety Course 4 hours Chicago Firearms Safety Course 4 hours   


Concealed Carry Permits/Certificates


Utah 4 hours 

Florida 4 hours 

Nevada 4 hours 

Missouri 4 hours 

Kentucky 4 hours 

Michigan 4 hours   


Military Service 


Honorable Military Discharge (DD-214) 8 hours 

Active Duty Military (Current Duty Orders) 8 hours 

Military Reserves 8 hours 


Q. How do I get the Military Exemption and How Much is the Class? 


A. The ISP allows for an 8 hour exemption for Active, Retired, or Honorably Discharged members of the United States Armed Forces. The ISP requires a DD-214 form as certification. Renegade Tactical offers veterans to take either the 8 hour Veteran class or the 16 hour complete class for $90. Please contact us for details. 


Q. How do I get the 4 Hour Exemption, and How Much is the Class? 


A. The ISP allows for a 4 hour exemption for several different certifications listed above. However, Renegade Tactical does not offer a 12 hour curriculum. For the 4 hour credit, we allow a discounted course fee. $20 off the Basic IL CCW and $25 off the Advance CCW course. 


Here are some of the highlights of the bill: 

· The license shall be valid throughout the State for five years. 

· The fee for the license is $150.00. 

· The license permits the licensee to carry a loaded or unloaded fully or partially concealed firearm on his person or in a vehicle. 

· The State Police must issue or deny the application no later than 90 days (but there are exceptions). 

· Qualifications for a license are - at least 21 years old, possess a current FOID card, and: 

· Pass extensive background checks: NICS, federal, state, & local criminal, mental health, domestic violence, and includes juvenile adjudications. 

· Finger prints will be in electronic format. 

· Head and shoulder color ID photo taken within 30 days preceding the application. 

· A photocopy of any certificates or other evidence of compliance with the training requirements. 

· There will be non-resident licenses. The fee is $300.00 

· There are areas where you cannot carry. See page 20, Section 65. There will be standardized signs for places where carry is prohibited. 

· Firearms training courses must be approved by the State Police and there will be a list posted on the ISP web site. 

· The training course or combination of courses will be at least 16 hours including range qualification. 

· Training courses will cover (1) firearm safety (2) basic principles of marksmanship (3) care, cleaning, loading and unloading of a concealed firearm (4) State & Federal laws relating to ownership, storage, carry and transportation of firearms and appropriate and lawful interaction with law enforcement while transporting and carrying firearms. 

· Applicants must provide proof of certification by a certified instructor that the applicant passed a live fire exercise with a concealable firearm consisting of firing a minimum of 30 rounds on a B-27 silhouette target; 10 rounds at 5 yards; 10 rounds at 7 yards; 10 round at 10 yards with a success rate of 70%. This does not have to be with gun you will carry. 

· link to the Illinois State Police web site Concealed Carry page -

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